Did you know hardwood floors expand and contract with the seasons? As such, hardwood floors must be installed with care and precision to prevent bulges and/or gaps from forming over time. For expert hardwood floor installation services in and around Zionsville, IN, contact Claghorn Custom Flooring. We offer beautiful products, reasonable prices, and flawless results.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Temperature and Humidity Affect Floors

As a natural product, wood reacts to changes in the seasons much like we do. The heat and humidity of summer cause wood floors to expand as they absorb moisture. Alternatively, wood floors dry out during the winter, causing them to shrink and possibly crack. As a result of these changes, homeowners often notice small gaps forming between the planks of their wood floors during the winter. These gaps typically disappear in the summer when the wood swells once more in response to the humidity.

It’s Okay!

Many clients panic the first time they notice gaps forming in their wood floors over the winter. Small gaps, however, are a completely normal part of owning a wood floor. In fact, when we install a hardwood floor, our technicians leave a small gap around the perimeter of the floor to allow for natural expansion and contraction. Without this space to move, wood floors would likely bubble and lift during the humid summer months. Proper installation is key to managing changes in your hardwoods throughout the year.

Protecting Your Floors 

While expansion and contraction are normal for wood floors, excessively dry or humid conditions can cause permanent damage. To keep your floors healthy and beautiful for many years to come, run a humidifier during the winter and a dehumidifier during the summer. A simple hygrometer will inform you of your home’s relative humidity so you can control moisture levels as necessary.

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