Selecting the right type of carpet for your home or commercial property is a big decision. There is much more to carpet than just color: cost, durability, stain resistance, and texture all come into the mix. For help choosing between the many varieties of carpet available today, visit our showroom at Claghorn Custom Flooring in Zionsville. We have served our community for more than 30 years, and we will gladly help you select the right product to meet your needs.

Carpet Selection


Types of Carpet

The main kinds of carpet to consider are nylon, polyester, and triexta (SmartStrand, specifically). Let’s compare:


Nylon carpet fibers are known for their durability and ability to bounce back from compaction. While all carpets come with stain protection, nylon is a porous material that quickly absorbs liquids and spills. The texture of nylon carpeting depends upon the quality of the carpet you purchase; generally, more expensive products tend to be plusher and softer. Typically, nylon is the most expensive kind of carpet.


If you are looking for a less expensive carpet alternative, polyester is a good choice. In general, polyester is less durable than other kinds of carpet. Polyester is not as resilient and tends to show signs of wear more quickly in high traffic areas. Alternatively, polyester is extremely stain resistant as it tends to repel liquids. Much like nylon, the texture of polyester carpeting depends upon the quality of the fibers; there are many soft fiber types available.


In recent years, Mohawk has released a line of carpet called SmartStrand, which is composed of triexta. SmartStrand comes in a variety of styles, including plush, thick styles; cut and loop patterns; and Berber. All of these styles are designed with a fine carpet strand that makes it feel softer than traditional carpet fibers. SmartStrand is on par with nylon in terms of durability, although it does not rebound from compaction as well, and it is very stain resistant. SmartStrand is generally less expensive than nylon but more expensive than polyester carpets.

Carpet Installation Services

The best way to choose the right carpet for your space is to stop by the Claghorn showroom in Zionsville. Our experienced staff will help you make the best choice for your flooring needs. For a free estimate on carpet installation, contact us today at (317) 873-6202