As winter blankets the world in a frosty embrace, it’s essential to think beyond cozy blankets and hot cocoa – your floors need some love, too! At Claghorn Custom Flooring, we understand the challenges that winter weather can pose to different types of flooring. That’s why we’re sharing our expert tips on how to protect your carpet, hardwood, and luxury vinyl flooring during the winter chill, ensuring your home stays stylish and damage-free.

How to Protect Your Floors this Winter

Caring for Carpets

Winter can be tough on carpets, with the constant exposure to wet boots and snowy footprints. Here’s how to keep your carpets looking plush and inviting:

  • Invest in Doormats- Use heavy-duty doormats at all entrances to trap snow, mud, and salt before they reach your carpet.
  • Enforce a Shoes-Off Policy- Encourage friends and family to remove their shoes before entering your home.
  • Quick Cleanup- If accidents happen, make sure you tend to stains promptly to prevent permanent damage.  
  • Regular Vacuuming- Increase the frequency of vacuuming during the winter to remove dirt and prevent it from settling into the fibers of your carpet.

Preserving Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors add warmth and sophistication to any home, but they require special attention in winter. Follow these tips to maintain the beauty of your hardwood flooring:

  • Boot Trays and Rugs: Place boot trays or rugs near entryways to catch melting snow and prevent water from seeping into the wood.
  • Humidity Control: Maintain the humidity levels in your home to prevent hardwood floors from drying out and cracking. Use a humidifier if necessary, aiming for a relative humidity of 30-50%.
  • Regular Cleaning: Sweeping or dry mopping your hardwood floors regularly helps remove dirt and debris that can scratch the surface.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Care

Luxury vinyl flooring is known for its durability, but a little extra care can go a long way during the winter months. Here’s how to keep your luxury vinyl floors looking fabulous:

  • Area Rugs: Place area rugs in high-traffic areas to protect against scratches and scuffs. 
  • Gentle Cleaning: Use a soft-bristle broom or a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to clean your luxury vinyl floors regularly.
  • Wipe Away Moisture: Immediately wipe away any water or moisture, especially in areas prone to spills, to prevent damage to the floor’s surface.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: While luxury vinyl is resistant to temperature changes, it’s a good idea to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations. Use rugs in front of windows and doors to reduce exposure to direct sunlight.

Winter can be harsh on your floors, but with a little proactive care, you can protect and preserve the beauty of your flooring. Contact Claghorn Custom Flooring for all of your flooring needs in Zionsville and the surrounding areas today at (317) 873-6202.