Polyester vs. Nylon vs. SmartStrand Carpet

Choosing the right carpeting is one of the most critical aspects to interior home design and making your house feel like a home. For years, polyester and nylon have been the most popular carpet types to choose from. However, both have new competition from SmartStrand Carpets, which have quickly established themselves as one of the most popular types of carpeting in homes across the United States. Here at Claghorn Custom Flooring, we offer extensive experience in carpet installation for all of these and more. Here’s a quick overview of each type of carpet to help you decide which is the best for your home.

Invest in Air.o Hypoallergenic Flooring

Looking for a new type of flooring that’s safe for allergy sufferers but affordable in price and high in quality? Now, there’s an answer: Air.o hypoallergenic flooring. Air.o flooring is a new, cutting-edge type of flooring that offers a great alternative to traditional carpeting. A superb option for allergy sufferers and homeowners simply looking for quality flooring that’s very easy to clean, Air.o flooring is always a must. As always, Claghorn Custom Flooring is your go-to expert when it comes to Air.o flooring. Here’s a quick look at what it is and what its benefits are.

The Benefits of SmartStrand Stain Resistant Carpets

New homeowners often face a dilemma of whether to use carpet, tiles, or hardwood when it comes to flooring. For those exploring carpeting as an option, a superb new type of carpet is now available: SmartStrand Stain Resistant Carpets. These carpets offer a unique combination of quality, durability, and stain resistance that’s hard to find elsewhere at an accessible price. Here at Claghorn Custom Flooring, we offer the experience and professionalism you need to install this type of carpeting quickly, economically, and hassle-free.

Why You Should Put Padding under a Carpet

So, the custom flooring project in your home is finally complete. That’s great! Now it’s time to choose what type of carpeting to put over it. Before you get too far ahead of yourself, it’s important to pause for a minute and consider why padding should indeed be placed under your new carpet. Sure, it may seem like an unnecessary expenditure, especially after a time-consuming flooring project. However, the investment is definitely worth it! Here at Claghorn Custom Flooring, we’ve assembled just a few reasons why padding should always be placed under carpeting on your floors. Read on to find out why.Comfort While WalkingPlacing padding under your rugs and carpets can greatly increase comfort while walking on them. This is especially important if children or the elderly reside in your household.Ensuring SafetyPadding can also prevent carpeting from shifting and bunching up after usage. This can pose a safety hazard to … Continued