Looking for a new type of flooring that’s safe for allergy sufferers but affordable in price and high in quality? Now, there’s an answer: Air.o hypoallergenic flooring. Air.o flooring is a new, cutting-edge type of flooring that offers a great alternative to traditional carpeting. A superb option for allergy sufferers and homeowners simply looking for quality flooring that’s very easy to clean, Air.o flooring is always a must. As always, Claghorn Custom Flooring is your go-to expert when it comes to Air.o flooring. Here’s a quick look at what it is and what its benefits are.

Airo Flooring

What is Air.o flooring? 

Air.o flooring is a hypoallergenic form of unified soft flooring. Unlike traditional carpeting which requires a separate cushion, unified soft flooring like Airo.o comes equipped with an integrated, premium quality felt pad that protects the floor itself and helps make each step soft and comfortable.

What are its benefits?

Air.o flooring offers a number of notable benefits, including health benefits for allergy sufferers and a new level of comfort when walking.

Perhaps most notably, Air.o flooring is hypoallergenic as its fibers never absorb moisture, preventing the growth of microbes and various allergens. It’s also exceptionally easy to clean and is VOC and odor free, as its unique carpet fiber is created using cutting-edge polymers.

In addition, Air.o flooring is environmentally friendly and boasts exceptional durability, stain resistance, and state-of-the-art soil protection. The flooring is also very simple and efficient to install while its tension-free construction virtually eliminates wrinkling, buckling, and other various imperfections.

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