Installing new carpet provides the opportunity to improve the look and feel of your home for many years to come. Plus, with help from Claghorn Custom Flooring in Zionsville, you can find the perfect style and color option to suit any budget. When installing carpet, Claghorn never cuts corners. Hence, we always recommend the use of a quality carpet pad when installing new carpet.

Carpet Padding

What Is a Carpet Pad?

If you’ve ever peeled up an old carpet, you likely found a layer of foam glued to the floor. This layer of foam is the carpet pad. Essentially, this padding protects the underside of your carpet from rubbing against the subfloor, thereby extending its lifespan.

Carpet Pad Benefits

In addition to protecting your carpets, carpet pads also provide several other benefits:

  • A quality pad makes carpet feel softer and more comfortable.
  • A properly padded carpet is easier to clean than carpet laid on bare floor. The padding creates a little “give” in your carpet. This allows the vacuum cleaner to slightly lift the carpet when sweeping and more efficiently remove dirt. For homeowners with allergies, this is a particularly important benefit.
  • Have you ever noticed carpeted rooms feel warmer than those with solid-surface floors? This is not just an illusion. Carpet pads provide thermal insulation; essentially, they keep drafts from seeping through carpet and help rooms retain more heat.
  • While carpet in and of itself dampens sound, carpet padding takes this benefit to the next level. This feature is especially important in upstairs rooms, home theaters, and bedrooms.

Kinds of Carpet Pads

Just as carpets range in style, density, and quality, so do carpet pads! High traffic areas require thicker padding to provide long-lasting comfort and protection. If you are looking to save a little money, a thinner carpet pad will suffice in rooms with less foot traffic. Additionally, if you need to replace your carpet on a dime, consider installing a thick carpet pad under cheaper carpeting. The thickness of the pad will make your inexpensive carpet look and feel more plush.

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