Since the beginning of modern architecture, hardwood floors have been a common surface-covering material utilized in a range of interior areas. Many homeowners appreciate it because it is strong, low-maintenance, long-lasting, and has a lovely natural appearance. And while using hardwood in a moist environment can have some drawbacks, when installed and maintained properly, it can offer a luxurious feel to a bathroom. Read on to learn more about the advantages of hardwood floors in a bathroom from the team at Claghorn Custom Flooring.

Hardwood Floors in a Bathroom? Yes, You Can.

Warmer Than Tile

The fact that ceramic tile gets fairly cold, especially in the winter, is one of its main disadvantages. This can be a problem because you frequently walk barefoot in the restroom. The room feels considerably cozier and more welcoming underfoot thanks to the hardwood floors. The earthy tones also have a way of making the space feel more inviting.

Long Lasting

A solid hardwood floor is an extremely strong, long-lasting flooring material when properly maintained. Hardwood flooring, often having a lifespan of 25 years or more, is second in terms of longevity only to ceramic or stone tile. If hardwood does get scratched, the surface can be renewed by sanding and refinishing the wood.

Beauty and Elegance

The main benefit of hardwood is that it is extremely beautiful. Every plank is a work of natural art with its own unique grain pattern, adding a sense of natural wonder to rooms while also adding a distinctive appeal. Since hardwood has been a timeless option for thousands of years, it is immune to the fashions and fads of interior design. A bathroom with a hardwood floor will stand out as a classy setting.

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