Undertaking a renovation project in a bathroom or kitchen is no small task. You need to hire the right contractors, choose the right design, and decide on the right material for your countertops. Here at Claghorn Custom Flooring, we offer extensive experience working with all types of countertop materials for bathrooms and kitchens alike. Here’s a quick look at just a few options to consider.

Ziosnville Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations


Cambria is an outstanding choice for all of your kitchen and bathroom countertop remodeling needs! But what is Cambria? Made from beautiful, pure white quartz, Cambria is sustainable, durable, stylish, and readily available in many distinct colors. In addition, Cambria is nonporous, making cleaning very simple and doable only with warm water and a soft cloth. Cambria is also environmentally-friendly and sustainable, being created entirely with recycled materials. It’s also maintenance free, stain- and scratch-resistant, food-safe, and backed by a full lifetime warranty. 


Quartz is very durable and comes in a plethora of unique colors from which to choose. A great option for those seeking a contemporary yet laid-back look, quartz is always a top choice for bathrooms and kitchens.


Much like quartz, granite exudes a natural, earthy feel and is readily available in a wide variety of colors. A great choice for those looking for a modern, comfortable look, granite offers the perfect combination of flexibility, style, and contemporary appeal.


Wood exudes warmth and beauty, making it ideal for those wanting a cozy, homey feel. It’s also very durable and comes in a wide array of colors and grains, offering plenty of options.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is great for modern, cutting edge homes and can work with a many different styles. Stainless steel also rusts extremely slowly and can greatly resist heat in kitchens better than most other countertop materials. 

Engineered Stone

Durable, tough and stylish, engineered stone is comprised largely of quartz. This material works for a wide variety of styles of bathrooms and kitchens. But for those seeking a sleek, stylish aesthetic, engineered stone is the way to go.

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